My Camp Experience so Far

My Camp Experience So Far

My camp experience so far has been wonderful and challenging. It was wonderful because it was only yesterday that I discovered that a code can work correctly in a particular compiler and the same program not working correctly in another compiler. Meaning that codes are compiler dependent which I would not want to believe until when proved.

Also, it was that same yesterday that I wrote a code to find the maximum and minimum value of a given array. The code goes thus:

function findMinMax(arr){


var min=arr[0];

var max=arr[arr.length-1];

var minMax=[];



return minMax;


Anytime I try running the code, it is returning the minimum value of the array as the minimum but returning the second largest value of the array as the maximum.

I tried reviewing the code to see the where the problem lies but to no avail until I use another logic to solve the problem. It was really wonderful yesterday.

It was also challenging yesterday to push my Object Oriented Programming Laboratory Exercise into GitHub. I have been trying to push it into GitHub around some minutes after two which I could not do until around 5 p.m the submission deadline which ordinarily should not take more than 10 minutes to do. Although, I have reported the issue to my BFA in which he tried to give me some hints on how to resolve the issue and while trying that, I successfully push it into GitHub using the same method I have been trying since I started to try pushing.

It was also challenging so far to get the clue on how to develop a command line application using Http client library. Since we have been given the exercise on last Friday, I have been trying to go through several learning materials on Http client library among which are Implementing HTTP Clients using Javascript, my third commit for my simple API client library App etc. which I have prior knowledge of not. Although, progress have been made to get the exercise done and submitted at the scheduled time for submission.

In conclusion, my experience in camp so far has been challenging and wonderful.

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