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Vulnerabilities in open source software, programming languages or projects is a big thing as a single exploit could cause a lot of chaos and lead to the loss of thousands of dollars for big organizations.

A lot of companies have been paying attention to vulnerabilities in software, dependencies, and languages they use in powering their system as they could be open to attacks if one of them is exploited.

Luckily for us, we have a public database where all newly discovered vulnerabilities and common weaknesses are published and provided a fix as soon as discovered. …

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All you need to know about using Uber and being a Driver or a Rider…

Uber is a platform where individual drivers can connect with riders, eateries, and restaurants for driving to a destination, food delivery, package delivery, couriers, freight transportation, and so on.

In cities where Uber is available, you can use the Uber app to request a ride. When a nearby driver accepts your request, the app displays an estimated time of arrival for the driver heading to your pickup location.

This app allows you to pursue your passion for driving while getting paid for it.

Pros and Cons Of Driving for Uber

1. Flexible Schedule

Possibly the biggest advantage to a job like this is the flexible schedule. You can work as…

ALAT is the first fully functional digital bank in Nigeria. With ALAT, you can carry out all your banking transactions without being physically present at any bank branch.

Mobile banking applications and internet banking services are a lifesaver; imagine you have to go to a bank for every little transaction that you want to carry out. It can get pretty frustrating right? Now imagine that you would never have to step your foot inside your bank branch; this is exactly what ALAT is offering.

ALAT, which is an application that is powered by WEMA bank, offers customers fully digital banking…

Keep your keys and secrets, well, secret

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Nowadays, when building applications, we tend to store various application secrets like passwords, API keys, access keys, SSL certificates, and other confidential secrets in order to be able to communicate to various components of the applications.

Storing these types of data securely is a challenge, as we want our application to be able to access it any time while preventing others from getting a hold of it. …

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Neural networks are parallel computing devices, which are basically an attempt to make a computer model of the brain. The main objective is to develop a system to perform various computational tasks faster than traditional systems.

Neural Network can also be thought of as a series of algorithms that attempts to recognize underlying relationships in a set of data through a process that mimics the way the human brain operates. With this knowledge, we can say neural networks refer to systems of neurons, either organic or artificial in nature.

How do Neural Networks work?

Neural networks are a set of algorithms as said earlier and…

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What you need to know about Behavior Driven Development

Behavior Driven Development (BDD) is an Agile Software Development process that enhances collaboration among developers, QA, and or business participants in a software project.

BDD uses examples to illustrate the behavior of the system that is written in a readable and understandable language for everyone involved in the development.

At its core, Behavior Driven Development is a software development methodology that joins best practices gotten from development (TDD) and design (DDD) to simplify development through the use of a common language (DSL) to understand natural language sentences and convert them into executable tests, an example is the testing framework on…

Manage Any Secret In Any Environment

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Researchers from North Carolina State University revealed in a 2019 study that more than a hundred thousand GitHub repositories bear application secrets in their source codes. These secrets, ranging from cryptographic keys to authentication secrets, are exposed to the public without any form of protection. They are supposed to be well-secured, but common DevOps oversights leave them vulnerable to leakage.

This security concern can lead to serious consequences. It is an issue not exclusive to open source projects. Private source code repositories are similarly predisposed to unauthorize and secret access in the absence of sound security systems. …

Write for us template

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Write for Vertical Cogitation

Dealing with Kubernetes vulnerabilities shouldn’t be hard

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Vulnerabilities in open source are vital to a lot of organizations and developers are paying close attention to. Any little breach can be very bad, especially when it comes to container orchestration.

Kubernetes has become one of the leaders in the container market. Most companies are now employing the capabilities of Kubernetes to manage their container workloads.

According to a survey, over 86% of companies are using Kubernetes for their container operations. Also, self-managed Kubernetes (35%) is now second to Amazon EKS (37%) with just a 2% difference after previously being the most used. …

All you need to know about the analytics of business

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Business Analytics is the combination of skills, technologies, tools, applications, and processes used by organizations to gain insight into their operations based on data and statistics to drive business planning and growth.

In today’s globally competitive environment, there is an ever-increasing need for advanced information and decision support systems. The profitability and the overall business can be managed better with access to predictive tools to predict, even approximately, the market prices of raw materials used in production, for instance. Business Analytics involves among others, quantitative techniques, statistics, data and analysis tools, and econometric models.

Business Analytics is a mixture of

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