Close your eyes

I think you’d make a good teacher but I can’t teach. It doesn’t matter, you’d learn, I just see you being a teacher. You look like someone who would be good at casting news. I don’t think so; but why? No one would employ me once I’m done studying, you know I stutter. I want you to be a politician. No dad, I won’t do that!!! I don’t have what it takes to be a politician.

Maybe there’s no place out there for me and my kind. I resolved to this because a lot of people negate the things I want to be and suggest the impossible. For instance; I told a close friend I wanted to be a lawyer. She firmly said it’s not possible for me to be one as I lack boldness. I withdrew into my shell and decided to look for something less. I decided to go spend a holiday with my uncle in the city. He also asked me what I wanted to be, I was timid at first in answering him but he told me everything was fine. My cousins were also seated, so I felt a little bit uncomfortable but I summoned courage to utter my little desire of becoming a medical practitioner. " You are not smart, not good at observation, always clumsy, how will you have good grades?" One of my cousins commented.
In my small world of thought, I concluded silently that I won’t be good at anything. With unshed tears on my eyelids, I replied him saying he was right. I was immediately cautioned by my uncle, he said to me never to repeat such. He said my idea of becoming a medical practitioner was a good one and praised me a little before he started a discussion I have no knowledge of;
While we were at the beach yesterday, you saw water right? Yes sir. Do you know the end of the water? No sir. I know you know sand dear, how many are they? They are unlimited sir. When you are hungry, does anyone inform you? No sir. How then do you know? I feel that myself, detecting it somehow. Do me a favour Dora, close your eyes and tell me if my eyes are closed. I answered my uncle with question of "how do I know what you are doing when my eyes are closed?" He replied, now that your eyes are closed, you are alone with your thoughts, others do not matter. As the sands are unlimited so are your dreams. The world is a big place where you can have a whole lot of dreams. What they call your limitations, are the ones veiling your abilities. You only need to close your eyes, look inwards, focus and dream fearlessly. When you open your eyes, see your dream in reality and aim for it.

The best person you can be is you (who you want to be), not what they want you to be. Close your eyes and make it happen.

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