Setting up a Firebase and Angularfire Ionic Application.

Make sure to go through part one and part two if you haven’t done that.

Part 3: Including AngularFire.

AngularFire is an integration of Angular and Firebase. This allows easy use of Angular with Firebase. Everything to know about AngularFire is on

How to include AngularFire:

N.B: AngularFire requires Firebase to work so Firebase should be included in the project in order to use AngularFire.

  1. Visit AngularFire on it’s github page (
  2. Scroll to the Downloading AngularFire section.

Choose any option you want from the available options (include the cdn script or npm/bower install it). Make sure to include AngularFire in your index.html if you npm/bower installed it.

Awesome, you are good to go.

Hope you enjoyed the series. Keep building great stuff.