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Dear Laura,

I am sorry to bother you. My name is Kit Lau. I moved to 416 Charter Avenue in April 2018, and I set up an account at your company with the Electricity Supply no 11/002/3009/745 and Gas meter ref: 2431805605. I provided my bank account for auto-pay. But after I reported loss of my card, the Bank stopped the new auto-pay for that month. Therefore, your company could not debit my account for payment.

I could not find a way to communicate with your company. Therefore, I sent a letter to your company at Temple Way, Bristol, BS2 0BY to request you to contact me, so that I can provide an updated bank details for payment. However, the letter was returned to me because your company is no longer at this address.

I just found this web, would you kindly contact me. My email address is Many thanks!

Best wishes,

Kit Lau