Ode to the #HASHTAG

A tribute to the most ubiquitous symbol of our digital times.


You look like a tiny waffle,
Or a game of tic-tac-toe,
You’ve taken over the Internet,
And everywhere I go.

You organize conversations,
You group our pointless jokes,
You trend, retweet and over-connect,
But is it all just mirrors and smoke?

People don’t know how to use you,
But dump you everywhere just in case,
Brands all rush to be your friend,
To justify their journeys into cyberspace.

And if I’m to listen to all these gurus,
And card carrying ninjas of the web,
I resolve to use much more of you,
#Till #mysentences #looklike #this #instead.

I guess it’s not that bad,
And I reckon things will still get worse,
I suppose I can get used to this

You see it’s simple to stay relevant,
It’s quite easy to be downright hip,
You just need to press the # sign,
Before your every #quip.

Though Twitter is where you made your name,
I hope you enjoy your new Facebook home,
I’ll think back to your early days,
As a ‘pound sign’ on a landline phone.

# # #