The Golden Age of UX is Over
Jonathan Courtney

Interesting article, but actually UX Design and Research is about the specific type of users who use the product’s specific features in a specific context with specific circumstances which you didn’t mention in the beginning of your article and mentioned that juniors are nearest to seniors! a very strange conclusion as one the important skill is the user's interviews and really understand their needs not what they want. Also, the techno background of one in the market for 20 years absolutely not like one with 2 or 3 years experience!

Many designers can hold the same roles — UX and Product Designer — and no problems, the problem they see both the same.

Enterprise apps and governmental apps are huge in their details to deal with as a simple app or website, they are more related to CX with subsidiary the UX which you can’t neglect because a lot of tools are available online.

Qualitative is not Quantitive

Enterprise apps are not Startup apps

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