The Case for Hope

Would you agree with me that we lead our lives on a constant amount of hope? Sometimes waning but far many more times burning for one desire or the other? A life you think and believe you deserve so you hope for it; a job that you worked so hard for and so you hope for it; a beautiful other somewhere out there that you think you belong to because you are also beautiful and so you spend the nights hoping for him/her; Maybe you think you are a good person and hope for health in return; family, friends, recognition, appreciation … etc. I hope for many of those myself.

Lately, however, I started to think that too much hope could be dangerous, even deceptive in that it lays veils of colors through which the world disguises itself. I use extra layers and filters of different materials and colors each and everyday myself that they are slowly wearing and tearing. What would I do when those give up on me due to excessive use? Be careful with what you use your hope for. A life with no hope score is too stark ugly for the naked armorless eye. Hope is very limited, if you ask me. Hope for the very few and wish for the rest.

A world in disguise is the worst of them all (there’s the far-fetched one, the difficult-to-get one, the all-true one). Just when you think you’re there and you’ve obtained the key to your carefully fashioned world (like that small cottage by the side of the ocean), you discover another bread crumb and so the world (not yours; the objective one) leads you on. All of a sudden you discover that your world is only doing what was asked of it! And then there’s your old buddy “Hope”. This cycle never ends, trust me on this one. I’ve tried and I’ve got the veil holes to prove it!

And so you might ask: what’s the panacea for all the hopelessly hopeful out there? My endless search hasn’t stopped yet as I am a case and I am hoping (on the low end of it) for an answer!

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