The business was relatively slow and you chose to accept a low-budget project. Or maybe a friend asked you for a favor, and you couldn’t reject. At such times, it’s not very easy to motivate yourself as a designer. You tend to think that you’re used, not paid as you deserve, or not good enough to get better clients. However, there is a way to get rid of those negative thoughts, and turn that insignificant project into one of the greatest opportunities you’ve ever had.

For designers, the biggest asset is obviously their work. If your work is really good…

I don’t remember the last time when I felt truly excited about a new product. Every new iPhone is just like the previous one, every new news app looks like the others, every new browser is almost exactly the same as its competitors.

Finally, after a long time, one new tool reminded me of that excitement, and I felt the urge to write an article and let more people know about it.

It’s a ‘mind organization tool’ called mymind, created by the talented designer Tobias Van Schneider and his team.

Here is why I felt so excited about it.


You are about to launch a new brand, release a new product, or start a rebranding project, and you need a designer (or an agency) to help you differentiate and stand out in the competition. You probably have tons of questions in your mind, right? Let’s answer some of those together.

1. An Individual or An Agency?

Should you go with a talented, experienced freelance designer, or an agency? The truth is, it doesn’t matter that much. Some of the world’s most recognized and successful brand identities were created by individuals, and some were built by agencies. …

A brand is all about the ‘feeling’ it creates on people’s minds. That feeling is built with the help of (1) strategy and (2) design.

A perfectly crafted strategy may not work if paired with wrong design. Gorgeous design, on the other hand, may fail with the lack of a strong brand strategy. Therefore, you need to have both. But how? Will you be able to afford it?

1. Brand Strategy

Don’t Let The Term Scare You

The term ‘Branding Strategy’ may sound a bit too big, technical or scary. You may not want to deal with things like ‘value proposition’, ‘brand architecture’…

A brand is as successful as its ability to trigger a ‘feeling’ in its customer’s heart. A brand, which is associated with a unique concept is more likely to be remembered, loved, and purchased. This is possible with the right brand strategy, good design and consistent marketing.

Brand strategy sets the ‘reason for being’ of a brand. For Facebook, it is ‘to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected’. PayPal exists ‘to build the web’s most convenient, secure, cost-effective payment solution’.

You’ve decided to launch a new product and you’re very excited. You have no doubt that it is good. Actually, it’s clearly the best in its class. In an ideal world, you easily deserve to be the market leader.

The question is, are we living in an ideal world?

Let’s say you’re about to launch an anti-perspirant deodorant. Most of the products on the shelves contain an ingredient, aluminum, which increases the risk of cancer. There are very few natural alternatives without aluminum, but they are much more expensive, and less effective. In such an environment, you have a product…

Ozan Karakoc

Designer and Branding Specialist at Ozan Karakoc Design Studio //

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