Weekly#178 (Technology summary of the week)

  • The top four providers of cloud infrastructure (Amazon, Google, Microsoft, IBM) in Western Europe are all U.S. firms, and they have expanded their market share by a third in the region, hitting 40% in 2015, according to market researcher IDC. (WSJ)
  • 74 Articles and Books that will Make you a Great Product Manager (Medium)
  • BlackBerry Launches Its Second Android-Powered Phone, DTEK50 has a 5.2-inch screen, all-touch keyboard; will retail for $299 (WSJ)
  • Cortana on the Xbox One (WSJ)
  • Amazon launches Prime Air, its own dedicated cargo planes to speed delivery (TechCrunch)
  • …four-year-old living in Shanghai, is what marketing people call a digital native. Over a year ago, she started communicating with her parents using WeChat, a Chinese mobile-messaging service. She is too young to carry around a mobile phone. Instead she uses a Mon Mon, an internet-connected device that links through the cloud to the WeChat app… (Economist) (twitter source)
  • Wechat … it has over 700m monthly users, and combines messaging, voice calls, browsing, gaming and payments (see article). It can be used for everything from paying parking tickets to booking a hospital appointment, ordering food or paying for a cup of coffee. WeChat is not so much an app as an entire mobile operating system, and accounts for more than one-third of all time spent online by Chinese mobile users; HSBC, a bank, values the app at over $80 billion. (Economist) (twitter source)
  • Otto, co-founded by Google car and map project veterans Anthony Levandowski and Lior Ron, will also begin testing five retrofitted Volvo trucks at Northern California’s autonomous vehicle testing grounds, GoMentum Station, in coming weeks. (BI)
  • Three early members of Google’s self-driving car unit are departing, including the project’s chief technician. Chris Urmson, who serves as CTO and technical lead, announced that he was leaving after seven years. (Recode)
  • Spotify’s Latest Algorithmic Playlist Is Full of Your Favorite New Music (Wired)
  • Popular South Korean manufacturer DJI opened a 1,395 square meter arena to offer hands-on lessons for potential customers (PSFK)
  • Fake Boarding Pass App Gets Hacker Into Fancy Airline Lounges (Wired)
  • Battery pack sales have doubled since Pokémon Go hit the market (Recode)
  • How Netflix does A/B Testing
  • Apple buys artificial-intelligence company Turi (Market Watch)
  • Data Centers’ Water Use Has Investors on High Alert (Bloomberg)

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