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Reading the comments from Debora Juarez, I kind of knew but didn’t realize how similar the assimilation, and treatment of Native Americans and Native Australians really were. After years of searching, but knowing in my heart, I found my partners biological mother and he was a part of the stolen generation, here in Australia. Aboriginal Australians here weren’t even given citizenship of their own lands until 1967. They suffered segregation and the worst era of racism known here in our country.

I have lost so called friends because I am not racist, it disgusts me that people can’t step outside their own little shadow and look at things from another point of view. They lack empathy and empathy is required to see things as they are, not how you think it should be.Wake up people and try the shoe on the other foot!

I wish there was no racists in the world, I wish homophobes would just take on the “live and let live” theory…It’s all been said before they can’t believe that it isn’t a chosen path, that you are born gay, because they just fear anything they deem to be different you can lump homophobes and racists together because they are just scared little mice living in their own imperfect world. Funny part is most of the homophobic men wouldn’t mind seeing a couple of lesbians go at it.

My perfect world would be acceptance of all people, their cultures and who they love or what they get up into their bedrooms wouldn’t be a point of contention and hatred.

Let’s all just love one another, live in peace, because when it is all broken down we share more than that which separates us.

ok rant over…glad the conversion therapy is off the table xx