Why did I refuse a high-paying job offer?

If you find yourself thinking that life is too short for something, you should try to eliminate it if you can.

If you have read my articles before, or if you are one of those people I had the pleasure of working with you already know that I have a very strict sense of a team. I am one of those that really think, and prove in any chance that we individuals can create good but only as a team we can create the great.

Individual work, over team work. Team decisions over individual ones.

One of the most dificult things in teams, as you may have already noted, is the team itself.

How do you create a team?
How do you have your team and other teams work together?
Once they come together how do they organize?

Those are the big questions when it comes to becoming a team. In my experience I had very difficult times going through the every little detail on their DISC reports trying to complete the puzzle of who can work better with whom and how can we organize better.As you will remember DISC and other tests, used correctly, can really help you and your team understand each other.

While this is the case in most cases, there are businesses which simply will overlook and threat any subject other than powerpoints and financial reports as a wasteof time and money. 10 hour workdays and weekend interventions will be more than enough to keep the business going and people getting payed. People getting payed a good sum are happy.

Or is it really?

We do work for the money but does it really make us happy? “Money does help” I hear you saying but until what degree? Would you leave your ethics behind for money? Would you live a dull life on a home-work-home in a Bermuda triangle where you cannot use your potential, or add more to the society?

If your answer is no then you know the reasons behind refusing a good paying, low people friendly businesses.

People Hapy people come first to create bigger teams which create great thigs

Isn’t this what the business want? Isn’t this where you want to be?

I will finish by giving an honour to Paul Graham’s article that summarizes these thoughts.