Why you should invest in your Finesse?

Do you remember that movie, “When Harry Met Sally?”

Such a great movie, plus who doesn’t love them some Billy Crystal? Dude is a total stud, and arguably, the best Oscars host ever!

Back to “When Harry Met Sally”

If you’ve seen the movie, you will definitely remember the classic deli scene when Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal are having an epic lunch discussion. Fastforward to “the scene” when Meg Ryan puts on an outstanding, hilarious performance to get her point across to Billy Crystal’s character.

If you haven’t seen it, check it out

As the scene unfolds, the room is at a stand still and all of the attention is fixated towards Meg Ryan’s outburst. OMG. The scene is freaking awesome, but the best part follows with one of the most clever, classic movie lines ever drops in. An onlooker turns to her waiter and says…..

“I’ll have what she’s having”

What a line!

That particular reaction/response got me thinking of what really “Wows” people. How can someone attract that kind of attention? How can we make others say, “I want what she/he is having!”

I believe we all have the ability to add finesse to anything we do. In a social setting, the finesse factor could simply be a smile. What? A smile…really?Yup. REALLY! My friend once told me how she would go to networking events, find her spot in the room and just smile. Next thing you know, a flock of people are moving towards her for a conversation. Lesson here: Smile more. It’s magnetic and adds finesse to your presence:)

Here’s another example of how finesse triggers the WOW factor.

Let’s take one of my personal endeavors: Bartending.

I’m working a big event. People are crowded around the bar ordering their beverages. Mostly, simple highball drinks (Jack&Coke, Cape Cods, and lots of Vodka/sodas;) Not really much attention towards the bartender, but then- lo and behold, someone orders an old fashioned cocktail. Yes!! (One of my favorite drinks)

With a smile, I drop the sugar cube in the middle of my mixing glass, add a few dashes of bitters, I use my muddler to break down the sugar cube to infuse the two flavors. Then, I pour the whiskey or bourbon, add ice and start stirring the drink….yes, I’m still rocking my smile, looking at my guest as I stir their cocktail.

Lastly, I garnish this classic cocktail with an orange peel. But before that, there’s one last step of finesse needed. I pull out a match, light it, and flame the citrus from the orange peel into the cocktail. Expressing all the oils from the orange peel. Then, I rub the edges with the peel and drop it into the cocktail. Voila!


Photo image by Leif Norman

After the cocktail is happily served, the response is always the same.

I’ll have what he/she’s having.

But, why? Was it really what they wanted to order before they stepped to the bar? Maybe. Or maybe the finesse behind the creation of the cocktail WOW’d them into new fans.

So the lesson here is simple. Do your work with style. Do it with passion. Figure out a way to make it stand out. Apple has done it with design. Tesla has done it with innovation. Jagermeister has done it with mystic. Mixologists have done it with style and attention to the craft.

It’s always refreshing to see individuals bring style and finesse to the work they do.

It’s what makes you….





How do you do it?

Answer: Finesse.

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