Product Positioning is the Most Important Thing You Need to Work on as a Marketer in Enterprise B2B

Snap-blogs continue. This time the topic is product positioning, expanding on the topic since the last time I mentioned it’s importance.

It is an easy trap when you get lost in trying to attach “business value language” to all the product marketing efforts you do since the execs and sales leaders usually ask for a “higher level message” to carry with them during their customer visits or partner recruitment efforts. All of a sudden your somewhat fluffy message is being associated with actually what you are selling, with details getting lost in translation. So beware… create a 5-min pitch for execs and then move on to the important topic at hand: what am I selling, how much do I want to make by selling it, who am I selling it to, how can I sell more of it by targeting it at the right audience, how is it different from anything out there when it comes to the expectations of the right audience.

Leave no details behind when you are learning how your product works and what is it that makes it unique. Your customers are expecting you to be the expert at what you are selling. It is common sense.

I am a huge fan of advocacy fueled sales motion. Start with a small set of customers, reverse engineer why they selected you, learn lots about how they use your product to help run their business. Offer white glove service to these early adopters, make sure you spend significant dollars engaging with them offline and online. Build a community around them however small. Do not release new versions of your products until they get to see it and may be try it out first. They will turn out to be your biggest sales machine in a few years time and they will save your a** when your sales team is $100K short closing out your quota. But most importantly these folks will help you figure out the best message to take to the market every single time: they are the ones living in the real world outside the four walls of your shiny office, they are the ones risking their careers and business investing in your product… 99.9% of the time, they will know more about how your product helps people like them better than you do. Again common sense. But if they are not an advocate for you, they won't spend any extra minute working sharing the goods with you.

As a product marketer you have to stay close to the advocates of your brand and listen; incredibly undervalued aspect of b2b business, at least in high-tech.

It is called “power of 3" for a reason. We can only retain so much info in our heads when we learn something new. And the best way to retain these new 3 things is if they are all linked to each other with a top notch story. It is no coincidence that I am delivering 3 pieces of advice in every Snapchat story, with a common theme, for instance: the title of this blog

More than 3, and you run the risk of your product being classified as “hard to understand” .

To summarize! Obsessing over what you are selling will make you smarter, reverse engineering what your brand advocates love about your product will give you confidence and keeping your story to 3 parts will allow you to be remembered as the one with a clear simple story.

Talk soon at the next snap-blog.

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