Oz Erickson: The Carl Ripken Of San Francisco

Oz Erickson was raised in a remote Bahamian Island and grew up on the East Coast. He got graduated from Exeter Academy and Harvard College in 1971. After college, he hitchhiked through Europe and Africa, journeying throughout Ethiopia. He also travelled via fourth-class rail across the Sudan, after which he voyaged down the Nile. Then he trekked Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, and India. After finishing his month of hiking through different countries, and continents, Oz Erickson came to California to complete his MBA from Stanford Business School, but feel in love with his college mate, Rina Alcalay, who, at that time, was pursuing Ph.D. in communication. The bond was so strong that he never left the West Coast. They both have two beautiful children, Benjamin and Jessica, both live in Berkeley.

Oz Erickson has established himself quite prominently in real estate development business. He is the chairman of Emerald Fund, a company that’s been in San Francisco since early 1980s. The firm does retail, commercial, residential and office spaces, among them the 245-condos Bridgeview project on Rincon Hill, the 230,000 sq. Feet Potrero center, the 378-unit Oceanview Village, 162-residential units The Civic and many more. Currently, Oz Erickson is developing 420-units 150 Van Ness, 400-unit 101 Polk St., and many other projects. Over the years, Emerald Fund has developed more than 5500 housing units in San Francisco and has created the value of $3 Billion. In San Francisco Bay Area, Emerald Fund manages 1600 apartments, which is quite a big deal for any construction firm, especially in San Francisco.

In 2003, Oz Erickson was awarded with the Excellence in Business Award as a Community Developer for Petrini Place’s Village in San Francisco. He has long been a member of the Board of Directors of San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association, popularly known as SPUR. As a matter of fact, he has served the community as chairman for 4 years. He also served on the Committee of Mayor Brown and was on the housing advisory committee. Currently, he is a member of the TAC(technical Advisory Committee), the boards of the Friends of City Planning, and Lambda Alpha International.

Throughout his career, OZ Erickson did a plenty of social jobs and has been involved in multiple civil committees of San Francisco. Recently, he was honored by California’s Assembly and senate, and San Francisco’s Board of supervisors for his exceptional involvement in easing life of San Franciscans.

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