Ozge is a member of Hughes’ global trade practice, the world’s largest satellite communications providers, enablers, and spacecraft operators. For Ozge, the concept of globalization encompasses a number of things that reflect the diminishing importance of national boundaries and the rise of worldwide social and economic processes. She believes that investing and improving in Satellite industry, manufacturing and technology is the most efficient way to improve diversity, connectivity and communication on earth. Ozge brings proficiency and a well-rounded background to her mission from her earlier career; as a Cold War research analyst at the Woodrow Wilson Center, she extensively studied missile defense systems and anti-satellite warfare through historical documents and she believes we can significantly improve US defense capabilities with Satellite communications and enhanced Space operations and, defend peacetime better with a vision from the sky. Previously a consultant for emerging markets on Washington’s K street, Ozge has lived and traveled extensively in Middle East, Russia and Sub-Saharan Africa, where she represented the private sector and governments. Her articles on various topics have been published on media outlets such as Foreign Policy and European Strategist.


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