There are lots of patterns to choose when developing software, such as Test Driven, Behaviour Driven or even Document Driven Development. But now, we are witnessing very dangerous type of development type, it’s Hype Driven Development.

Hype Driven Development can be seen in it’s environment with different shapes, I mentioned some of them below.


Just because others are “using” blockchain, you don’t have to use a blockchain. Examine the flowchart below to see if you need a blockchain.


Just because others are using GraphQL, you don’t have to convert your REST web services to it. GraphQL is not a replacement for REST. It is an alternative.


Just because others are using MongoDB, you don’t have to convert your SQL database to NoSQL. When you switch to Mongo, it’s likely that you will find yourself trying to create relationships between schemas, which is solved by SQL databases like MySQL.

According to some, you should never, ever, ever use MongoDB. Also, in my opinion MongoDB is an example of perfect marketing.


Just because others are using Serverless, you don’t have to deploy your methods to Serverless. Lambda is just an AWS’s service to make some money, it’s not intended to change the world like it’s screamed by cloud-lovers.

Also, this section belongs to another story named Amazon Driven Development.


Just because others are using microservices, you don’t have to divide your monolithic server to microservices.

When you try switching to it, it’s likely that you will find your code base more complicated than before if you don’t have experienced team members about microservices architecture. According to Martin Fowler, you must be this tall to use microservices:


Just because others are using Kotlin, you don’t have to rewrite your android application in Kotlin. If you ask in Reddit, all the cool kids using it since beta, but I don’t know single android developer who switched to Kotlin in my environment, and they do fine.

The moral of the story is, choose, measure, benchmark correctly the technologies you want to use. Take it with a grain of salt everything you read, including this post.

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