3 Tools to Grow Your Email List Instantly

“Building an email list is the single best way to communicate with your audience, period. Better than Facebook, better than Twitter, better than ads. Because you own it. Because it is a relationship of mutual trust and opt-ins. That is why you need to build one.” Ryan Holiday

In todays world your platform is your email list and if you want to spread the word, you have to grow it with people who would be interested in your stuff.

That is all good but how do we do that.

Here are tools I use everyday >>


Sumo is great for growing a website audience in every way you can think of.

List builders to sharing, heat maps to pop-ups, you start collecting emails instantly.

You can also start free but capabilities of paid packages are no brainer.

“We’ve noticed lots of people struggle to collect emails because the tools just aren’t available or are too expensive. So we thought, why not make our tools available for you?

Our goal, plain and simple, is to help you grow your website.”


If you wish your product or service have a viral sharing while collecting emails, this is the only tool you need. With a strategic campaign you can collect 5 digit emails in a month.

Get your visitors to bring you even more visitors by enticing them with a cool giveaway or reward if they invite their friends!


Marketing automation is like a second brain for your business.

Mailchimp is where you collect all your emails and execute your campaigns, automations and more. It is free up to 2000 subscribers and best email marketing service out there!

With these tools you can grow your platform and have your words spread quickly.

Comment if you have other suggestions.