6th Floor — Part One.

I remember the day it happened, the day I met you. I remember your smile, your coy, but gorgeous smile.The day my life changed forever, the day you became a part of my destiny. The day my world began its journey to perfection. You see, you may not realise it but in that single moment, life began.

Life’s new beginning needed no announcement, our paths crossing was all that needed to align our universes. You may need years to appreciate that moment but me, not so much. I was glad. I was glad it happened. He didn’t think it was a significant day, his boss was away on business and had only stopped by the hotel to sort out paper work for the upcoming conference. Meeting me meant almost nothing. All he did was notice a pregnant woman attempting to waddle into the elevator. “What floor ma’am?” Did my pregnancy suddenly age me? Why did he have such a tone, perhaps he felt I was helpless — my hands weren’t full. “I will hit all the floors and hope that you step off one of them” he said underneath a giggle. I smiled, in an attempt to not seem like the lazy pregnant woman I am, I lied and said 6th. Taking the flight of stairs four floors down didn’t seem so bad at this point.

My palms began to sweat as I gazed and focused on the levels going up, and up, until he said this is me. He got off on the 4th floor. I hit my head against the door — I didn’t feel foolish no, that wasn’t the feeling. It was more like delusion, I don’t know why I thought he had some interest in me, I couldn’t understand why he didn’t ask my name.

Gathering myself down the stairs, guess who I see making his way up.. oh that’s right. I don’t know his name. We stared at each other. Words failed me, and they failed him too. I thought of a lie, but he seemed to have thought of one faster : except we didn’t say anything.

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