Why Quality Vices Are Important For Customer Satisfaction

There are sundry jobs that require a material to be held tightly before acting upon it. The said material or object can be acted upon in a number of ways such as cutting, hammering, sawing, polishing etc. If you have a shop or are working at a place where vices are needed, say for wood or metal related work, then you must have wondered whether to install a stationary vice or to get a portable one. However, given the portability factor, a portable vice has become a handy tool for technicians as it provides the flexibility to be carried from one place to another to fix things.

Importance of a Portable Vice

In case you have to provide the backup support for a machinery or device at a place that is away from your work facility, a portable vice would come in handy. You can carry it to the respective place, secure it onto a hard surface by using clamps or suction cups and then work on the material by securing it tightly. This will save time and cost as you do not have to carry the defective object back to your work facility and then get it back after repairs. Besides, you need not worry about finding a proper place to hold the vice, unlike a stationary one, for the former offers a greater choice of placement.

Such a vice can be easily used in homes for carrying out sundry repair jobs. Moreover, companies providing backup support to their clients can equip technicians with portable vices. These can be helpful in providing customer satisfaction due to quicker resolution of repair issues. However, for bigger jobs where the vice needs a firm base for support, stationary vices like machine, drill, and bench are more useful for they can be firmly bolted to the surface.

Procuring Quality and Cost Effective Vices

A vice needs to be sturdy enough to firmly secure an object. More often than not these wear out faster due to corrosion or even develop mechanical snags like the loosening of bolts. Hence, procuring these from a quality source is needed, and if available at reasonable rates too, there can be nothing like it. This is where Ozline, the online store comes into the picture with its quality certified (CE/TUV etc) tools. The site is a treasure trove of quality tools and equipment from where you can get a portable vice online among many other things. Let’s discuss the type of vices available on Ozline.

Portable Vice: These are available in the form of hand and table vices where the hand ones come with jaw sizes ranging from 25mm to 50mm. The table ones, on the other hand, come in jaw sizes of 50mm to 65mm, and used for light work such as jewellery and model making.

Machine Vice: These come in three forms, namely swivel base, tilt & swivel base, and type M with jaw sizes ranging from 100mm up to 299mm (overall).

Bench Vice: Available in USA and French styles, these come with replaceable grooved steel jaws of sizes 100mm to 200mm. Moreover, displaying a surface hardness of HB150, these are built of cast iron.

Drill Vice: These compact tools have a jaw size ranging from 65mm to 150mm and are easy to clamp. Thus, for any small workbench related job, it is better to buy a drill vice online for quality and cost effectiveness.


Vices are quite versatile as far as their utility is concerned. It is better to procure them from a quality source like Ozline to ensure durability and cost effectiveness.