Get Line Marking Done by Experts for Safety and Convenience

Line markings are visible in many areas, especially in relation to improve safety as well as providing a clear designated walkway or areas related to safety compliance. Melbourne Line Marking Service ensures that all your designated areas meet the required safety regulations.

● Parking Lots: Car park line marking is used by shopping malls, commercial buildings, offices and residential apartments to designate specific parking areas. These are laid out in such a way that the available space is used efficiently in order to park as many vehicles as possible comfortably with space to enter and leave the parking easily. While some parking lots may be designed to accommodate various sized vehicles, many other parking lots use a standard size parking based on a large motor vehicle, to allow parking for most vehicles. Line marking is also used to control movement of traffic in the parking area, clearly showing routes for entry and exit. Most parking lots allow spaces for emergency vehicles which are generally separate to the main parking area and close to building exits to allow for faster assistance when required in the case of an emergency. Areas are also set aside for goods vehicles such as loading zones or collection points or delivery areas near dispatch bays. Entry, exits and movement inside of a parking area would need to be tightly controlled by measure of the car park line markings to ensure that there is no risk of collisions when driving within the designation line markings.

● Road markings: Road markings may consist of lines at stop signs and traffic lights, four way stops and traffic circles and even include zebra crossing and road boundaries. These types of road markings assist with safety on the road as they outline the lanes and demarcate where to comply with specific road signs and rules, such as lines at stop signs. They are also used to assist in safe crossing for pedestrians such as at traffic lights or pedestrian crossings. They also show the boundary of the roads and show bicycle lanes and so forth to improve road safety for all road users.

● Industrial line markings: Where there is use of machinery without a building or a designated area externally especially heavy vehicles such as overhead cranes, forklifts or other heavy machinery, areas need to be clearly demarcated to ensure the safety of people in the area. Safety Marking Melbourne assists in the safe and efficient marking of areas to ensure safe passage for the vehicles as well as pedestrians in the area. Whether the areas you require marked are large or small, a good line marking company should be able to assist effectively. Whether you have a pre-approved line marking plan or require one to be designed for your specific requirements, a line marking company should be able to assist from both aspects. They may even be able to offer additional advice to ensure limited risk and safety issues. Safety line markings are integral to reduce accidents due to operator errors. The areas marked could also indicate risks such as excavations, foundations or other open areas which may pose a potential falling risk. Denoting areas of possible safety risks reduces the overall chance of injury or accident to personnel in the area as they are more aware.

● Playground line markings: Playground line markings are generally drawn up to the rules and regulations as designated for specific sports. They may be a basic outline such as a running track or show a more complex design based on the rules of the sport, such as a baseball diamond for example. Having the lines drawn correctly will assist players in staying within the boundaries of the area for that sport and being able to adhere to the rules and regulations of the sport. Clearly demarcated areas also allow for better refereeing and umpiring as required by the sport.

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