Different ways by which you can play and win at Oz Powerball

Everyone knows that the Oz Powerball is a lottery game. However, not many people know that you can increase your chances of winning some prize in Oz Powerball if you play tour numbers correctly. This is the gambling quotient. Hence, people refer to this lottery game as a gambling cum lottery. The motto of the game is “One ball can change it all.” This proves that whatever might be your skill, luck does play a great part in the winning.

This article would explore the different ways in which you can play this game of Oz Powerball. There are five modes of play. The rules are the same throughout.

The simplest form of the game is the Standard game. Each Standard game costs $ 1.70. You choose your quota of seven balls as stipulated in the rules and wait for the announcement of the Oz Powerball results on Thursday. Each game gives you only one chance of winning. There are two ways of choosing the numbers. One would be the manual way and the other would be the ‘Quick Pick’ method. The manual way would be a better way, as you would do so after conducting the analysis of several games over the past weeks. Of course, each game would be different and the results would be irrespective of each other. However, the computer would always have a favorite number or two. You can use this analysis to improve your chances of winning. However, no one can ever guarantee you a win in the Oz Powerball.

The second type of game would be the System game where the system would allow you to play more numbers than a standard entry. For example, you may choose nine numbers instead of the usual seven. The system would play around with these numbers in different combinations thereby providing you with a greater chance of winning. Naturally, each additional choice would cost more, as the combinations increase.

The Super Combo allows you to choose more combinations when compared to a standard game. However, it does not match up to the System game where the number of combinations on offer would be more. Therefore, the Super Combo would cost less than a System game. However, the chances of winnings also reduce proportionately.

The next option is the PowerHit game option. This is a unique online option. You need not choose your power ball. Choosing six balls would be enough. The computer would use your six balls and play all the combinations of the power balls. This you would have 20 such possible combinations. This can improve your chance of winning at least one division. Of course, the cost of the PowerHit game would be 20 times that of a standard game, as you have 20 chances of winning.

The best option of winning a significant amount in the Oz Powerball would be the Syndicate option. As the name suggests, the Syndicate is a group option. There would be a large group of players with each member of the group pitching in with his set of numbers. As there are more players, there would be more combinations. Hence, the probability of winning at least a couple of divisions increases. The catch here is that you would have to share your winnings with the other members of the group in case your numbers matches with the Powerball results. At the same time, you have a share in the winnings of other members of the syndicate as well. Statistically, this option presents the highest chances of winning the lottery.

You have seen the five modes of play. You would now conclude that the Syndicate option would be the best for you to recover your investment. However, luck still plays a major factor. You can try to narrow down the luck factor by making intelligent choices of numbers. The computer and the internet can help you analyze the trend. Based on the statistical data of over a 1000 games, the computer can differentiate between the hot numbers and the cold ones. However, this is only an indicative figure. This would not guarantee you a win. However, it would certainly help you make an informed decision.

This is a mind game as well. Statistically, the odds of winning any one division would be 110:1. However, if you play a minimum of twelve games at a time with different combinations, the odds improve to as high a figure as 10:1. This would be a realistic winning option. This is where the gambling skill of the individual comes to the forefront. Professional gamblers know how to space their bids. They have an idea as to when their lucky days are. They know how to place the bids. Therefore, you must admit that this game requires a decent amount of skill as well.

You should note certain points in gambling. Following the same would ensure that you do not lose much. Not every day would be your lucky day. Some days you may not win anything. At the same time, some days would be such that everything you touch would turn into gold. The impulsive gambler in you must take advantage of this luck factor and cash it in. However, this is a game of patience. The bad days would naturally be more in number. Your skill lies in waiting for the right day to strike it big. People have done this in the past. They may do it in the future as well.

The highest single jackpot won by any player was for an amount of $ 70 million on 07 January 2016. A single player from Queensland won this huge money all for himself. There have been occasions in the past where two or more people have shared bigger amounts. Therefore, this Oz Powerball is not some sort of fraud that many people think it to be. They announce the Powerball results live on Australian television every Thursday. The winners get an email about their winnings. This would enable them to claim their winnings after proper identification.


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