Just another day

Hey, did you catch the news today?

Ain’t much changed- same old story, different name.

Another black body riddled with bullets,

another one of us seen more animal than human.

Just your typical day in the endless cycle of racial aggression

enforced by a body of people that claim to protect but merely perpetuate,

devastate black communities and relax back to their 401ks.

The only thing that’s changing are the hashtags we create.

There goes another brown body punished for not having the right skin.

There goes another gun toting man with blood on his hands-

Hey sir what is it that you’re really policin’?

He was only doing his job, they say, I wouldn’t have done anything differently.

Almost forgot that slaughtering black bodies is subtly written into the policeman’s oath of honor.

We just don’t hear the asterisks when they make that proud speech.

On my honor, I will never betray my badge, my integrity, my character or the public trust* (as long as I can justify my harmful actions or ideologies). I will always have the courage to hold myself and others accountable for our actions* (except when it makes us look bad cause then we gotta save face). I will always uphold the Constitution* (which was never written to include black bodies), my community, and the agency* (read: white america) I serve.”

Ain’t it funny how bullshit can look so neat?

Cause you see, it ain’t these streets that scare me,

But the people in blue killin 12 year old boys and going home to eat dinner with their families.

Thank god we’re now able to record the war against our bodies

Murder gone viral only for racists to legitimate

He was shot 17 times with his hands up?

Shoulda known better than to be black in public.

She was killed inside her home?

Her momma had no business birthin a black girl.

New day, new name to add to the list of those legally massacred for existing.

It’s not just fuck the cops we’re screamin,

It’s fuck the system that trains law enforcement to fear and shoot rather than serve and protect,

That trains our nation’s finest to believe threats to safety can be determined using a skin test.

Ain’t it a shame that young black boys are taught to dodge bullets and little black girls learn they are nothing more than wombs that birth hashtagged deaths

before they are told that their worth in this world isn’t defined by the melanin they possess?

Ain’t it a shame that to be black in america is to live on death row with an uncertain death sentence?

Ain’t it a shame we still gotta remind y’all that Black Lives Matter?

How come y’all always forget?