This is How You Leave Him
Maggie Haukka

I was thinking about this today. At one time I put a restraining order on him to keep him away from me and the kids. I was thinking about the abuse and the times I called the police. I remember being afraid to go to weddings where there is unlimited amount of alcohol, going to a family function where the wine and beer flows freely. I knew there would be a scene, an argument, a tirade directed at me.

We have been together for 46 years. I stayed. I was lucky, somehow I got the upper-hand but it wasn’t easy and I don’t recommend it. I have worked so hard, cried so many times, and hated him with all my heart.

Leave, do what you have to do. You deserve more and the kids deserve to have a father who can have control over himself.

I wish you the best.

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