Festival of light,

Ever thought?? 
Bunch of Subatomic quantum particles (Photons)
Traversing through space🔮 and time⌛
in the form of Electromagnetic waves 
Is the reason for all existence...😅!
As Fascinating is this phenomenon, 
awe-inspiring is the spectrum of the role it plays in all our lives.

It gives us food, gives us heat and vision,

When someone you love gives you a box full of Darkness,
And tears come streaming down your face
It gives us hope...!

When people say you are weak and they don’t believe you,
it gives us faith in thyself...!

When you get stuck and see no way around,
it gives us the path to follow!

When you are alone and no one to lean on,
it gives you strength to move on...!

No wonder on this auspicious day of Diwali, 
we worship and celebrate those bunch of photons...haha!😁

The only curse is unlike life's Ups and Downs,
Light travels in straight line,
so sometimes you have it some time you don't.😬

Only place you should look for it is within,
There's a fire🔥 , burning strong within me,
To improve myself, To learn, To travel,
To explore and change the world,
To spread the joy with innocence in eyes. 
I wish there's always a fire burning within you too,
and you never let this source of light die out.😇

I Wish you all a very Happy Diwali 🎉✨🎊!

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