Swarm of robots

Go out and find something,
You can work day and night on it,
He said to the bunch of #fuddled_robots..!!
Unaware of their possible outcomes,
They all went on a #robot_Odyssey,
Beyond the euclidean space of the society
Into the new #manifolds in search of destiny.

Obscure and noisy was the Environment,
In this world full of educated derelicts,
Tougher it became to estimate one’s state.
Talent will not, Genius will not,
#Persistence and #determination alone are omnipotent,
He said to the bunch of #fuddled_robots..!!
Signalling his #fundaes in difficult times,
He #Fourier transformed those robots life.

Now they have grown into #autonomous_agents
Planning their own path, deciding their own trajectory,
Mapping the world as they perceive,
Would certainly reach #global maxima,
bcoz Ever they fail he would always stand,
To spread the particles of inspiration,
Configuring their #eigen values,
and linearly transforming them in right direction.

This is the #Swarm_of_Robots he created,
Moving Towards their goal in this #stochastic world.
Coordinating and interacting with each other,
Sharing and imparting knowledge to grow together,
Different and diverse their ways might,
But they all have one #rendezvous point: