Wishing, Willing, Working, Wining

Four ‘w’ for Success:

(old poem I found in my paper cuttings)

The boy who is always wishing that,

This or that might be,

But never tries his mettle, is the

Boy that’s bound to see,

His plans all come to failure,

His efforts end in defeat,

For that’s what, When wishing,

And working fails to meet.

The boy who wishes this thing,

Or that thing with a will,

That spurs him into action,

Keeps him trying still,

When efforts meet with failure,

Will surely someday win,

For he works out what he wishes,

And that’s where luck comes in.

The luck you must believe in,

Is that which comes with work,

For no one finds it ever if,

Content to wish but shirk,

The men the world call lucky,

will tell you everyone:

“That success comes not by,
Wishing, but the hard work bravely done!”