Seeing the Invisible

In my previous projects I have investigated the game principles and tried to implement those principles through an app. Changing the perception of world and gamifiying the world seemed useful to me for a person suffering from Agnosia. I used awards, unlocked zones, social networks to make a user more social and competitive in the city life.

With the Seeing Invisible Project I wanted to look deeper to the concept of gamification and I found that in non- game context it can be used as a manipulation tool. Extremist websites, businesses’ and apps like Sesame credit use these kinds of rewards to built loyalty and trust. Bussineses’ use gamification to increase competition in the working environment and according to the researches it is really effective on working motivation. However extremist websites use that gamified world to manipulate people. People tend to do dangerous tasks obtained from a gamified world to gain credits. Because ethics perceived differently in a gamified world whitout questioning users obey. In a gamified world our perception of ethics change.

Sesame Credit is another interesting example for gamification. If you are a Chinese citizen and using Alibaba pay application you can also create an account on Sesame Credit. Sesame credit asks and collects personal data, pusrchases to evaluate your citizenship in China. I talked with several Chinese citizen and I think they do not consider this as a critical system. Chinese government has already using their own credit system so they should have alternative data collection methods to track their citizens. Maybe in this case I should ask “What makes someone a good citizen?”. This app evaluates a citizen in certain aspects and to become a good one you have to conform with those indicators.

Manipulation is something invisible and in a gamified world it is hard to notice the exact effects on the user.

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