My First journal entry

Hi Everyone. It is my first blog on website. Earlier I never lead any journal entries. I decided to start it because it is good practise to learn myself and pass knowleage to other people with an interest in issues related to programing. My favorite programming language is Java but this time i decided it would be something more mobile. And it happened… the choice fell upon Android. Why? Because I never had anything to do with it, and I wonder what it really.

As for the project I dont know what will be the end result, whether the application will not the changed and I endure to the and… time will tell :) For the next 3 months I am goint to put two entries per week.

Ok let’s get straight to the point. Application “Catch_me” will be determined the mutual position. All users who have installed this app can track the position of another user. Determining distances will be dealt by server. Probably the server will be written in Java or PHP.

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