VueMS — a simple library to transform a monolithic Vue application into an application based on micro frontend architecture.

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Nowadays, the creation of a front-end project is simplified. We have a lot of help from the frameworks, which support us in many aspects of designing and building applications. The architecture of such solutions is already imposed and thoughtful, so it is enough to stick to certain rules and the construction of the project will go well.

Framework-based structures have a monolithic architecture, and unfortunately this kind of approach is not always suitable for our project. Sometimes instead of a typical monolithic application we need a more complex approach based on a micro frontend. …

How can we transform a simple monolithic Vue application into a Micro Service approach?

Over the past years, the approach to the development of frontend applications has changed significantly. Application development has been dominated by various frameworks like Vue, React, Angular. With the growing popularity of frameworks, the approach to architecture and production of such applications has also changed. Patterns and programming paradigms usually used in backend started to be adapted for frontend architectures. The transformation of the current frontend is drastic, but definitely this change has gone in the right direction.

The biggest flaw in framework-based applications is their monolithic structure. Such an application provides us with a specific solution that works great and solves the assumed business needs. Unfortunately, all this is closed in one indivisible application, in which everything is connected with each other and business contexts are not separated. …


Piotr Bletek

Front-end developer at Ergonode

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