That time a group of namjinists wanted a shutterstock photo so bad, they created a crowdfunded pool so everyone could chime in and pay for a beautiful picture.

2 min readDec 9, 2019

Thank you to twitter user @vocalgodjin for creating it and putting words into action.

Special thanks to the “vore rapjin gc” for being a chaotic and messy place, but also very helpful in this campaign.

This medium article was created just so we can have a legitimate “editorial” place to include the picture and shutterstock didn’t get on our ass for the picture we very legally obtained.

It was a normal day on army stan twitter. Like always, new pictures dropped on us like grail and we were scrambling to recover. Except one of these images had a very particular thing. In the center of a very picturesque and Christmas Card worthy photo of bangtan (as the Korean boyband BTS is cutesly known to their fans), not only did it feature all member in all their beauty, but specifically the members RM and Jin (or joonie and jinnie, depends on who u ask), were dead center and looking like a million dollar couple (which tbh isnt that far off considering their finances).

And Namjinists (aka delulus), went insane.

So insane in fact, that when encountered with the dilemma that the picture had The Ugliest Watermark all over it, as they jokingly considered buying the license to said picture, they also said. Wait. There’s a lot of us and only One(1) picture. Surely we can manage $200 little by little. And so they did.

With the help of twitter user ‘vocalgodjin’ who opened the paypal pool, under an hour of much screaming, finally the funds were gathered. The picture could be bought.

After a harrowing few minutes of screaming in a twitter groupchat over how to download One Photo, since it only provided one opportunity and we didn’t want to lose $200, finally it was acquired. And now it’s here in all its glory.

(Photo posted with permission from license owner and twitter user vocalgodjin)

Disclaimer: Do not take this very seriously, it was just a group of friends who had little money each but wanted a very beautiful picture a lot. This is a medium story written by twitter user @anarkyah.

EDITED 1:38AM EST: Clarifies why the photo was chosen [Because it was OT7 and had cute Namjin in the center]




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