P-iE Company Culture

P-iE is a startup company in Cape Town with a simple philosophy: Our purpose is to make happiness happen.

Happiness is central to our culture. We subscribe to the definition that happiness is “the experience of joy, contentment or positive well-being, combined with a sense that one’s life is good, meaningful and worthwhile.” The first part of this definition refers to momentary feelings. We seek to fill our lives with these moments of happiness. The second part refers to a deeper sense of meaning. ‘Good’ means to be the best you possible, allowing yourself a full, happy life. It extends to being valued by others for this state of being. ‘Meaningful’ is to enable others to have a good life. ‘Worthwhile’ means the rewards of seeking happiness should outweigh the effort. Seeking happiness should be done consistently and sustainably.

The above interpretation is rooted by a few truths of happiness:

  • Social Responsibility

People are hardwired to secure their own happiness by being part of a community. This starts with a loving family and is then extended to a greater collective — to being part of the herd. We acknowledge that the relentless pursuit of money is a never-ending and pointless competition — it does not lead to happiness. Our higher purpose is to focus on the needs of others rather and thereby experience individual gain.

In this day and age, our herd has grown to include society at large. We see ourselves as responsible for making happiness happen on a grand scale!

  • The Happiness Code

Our code is comprised of values that direct our everyday actions. We hold trust to be our utmost value. Gaining someone’s trust allows you to work together towards mutual goals. This creates effectiveness in striving for the happiness of the community.

  • The Avoidance of Unhappiness

Before you become socially responsible, you need to ensure you are living well.

We actively seek to make our employees happy. P-iE is flexible to the needs of its people. We allow you the freedom to make your own choices. It was Einstein who said, “Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labour in freedom”.

We further believe that by being great and inspiring, customer satisfaction, money and all the rest will take care of itself — unhappiness will be avoided.

We see ourselves as a platform for people with passion and skill that align themselves with our purpose. At P-iE you are able to partner with these people. Together we pursue happiness.

By gathering these people that are a peculiar kind of awesome, we set the scene for a multitude of ideas, projects and businesses. This is what we do.

Before you sign up, realize this: We are a startup company venturing down a dark and dangerous path — one that is fraught with risk. We are looking for candidates that are willing to brave the perils of this path.

For those that partake in this journey, there is the lure of reaching the light. Our vision of happiness glimmers in the distance.

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