To soften more often

To soften more often, until the soft is in safe hands, to become more true to myself..

On my bike on my way to the handy man store I saw from a distance that school kids were approaching. I became conscious of myself wearing my cream white winter hat with black snowflakes embroidered on them.

“They are going to laugh and shout at me!”, I thought.

But then I remembered the saying of a wise man: “It’s our own fears that make us judged and castigated fools.”

Before starting to think about these young people as uneducated braggards using unsuspecting passersby as their laughing stock, I changed the course of my thoughts.

As the first kid approached I said to myself: “This is a God’s person.”

An other came close. “This is a God’s person.”

An other passed by: “This is a God’s person.”

An other appeared before me: “This is a young God’s person.”(for variation)

Nothing happened.. A miracle..

No shouting, no laughing at others, just quietly biking past.

What is the influence of how we think about others?

To soften more often…

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