1 - god in a nutshell

Medium wants me to tell a story. Well, what kind of story you wanna hear? It’s funny to think about that for a second. Probably it is a story, which “I” try to keep constantly refreshing.

In order to do that, the narrative of myself has to think about time as a concept. But really there is no time, there is no me, there is just this moment, which all of us try to escape with the kind help of the well known “monkey mind”. But why do we do so?

I don’t really know, but I can try to make my best guess on that topic, which from my little perspective has a theoligian nature. This is what I will try to do in this so called “story”. I already know that I’m gonna fail, but that’s absolutely fine.

I just enjoy failing, because you cannot succed at explaining the big word god (replace with a word according to your spiritual taste). Maybe this attitude towards failure should be regarded as the path to success?!

For the protocol, when I will talk about the ego, I refer to the fictional voice encapsulated in my own body.

So what is the purpose of the separated feeling we become “gifted”, when we are born? I want to answer that by a Hindu-like approach, which I first heard from Alan Watts, an enlightened one.

Just imagine you are god, the omnipotent, almighty ruler and kind of the universe. What will you do? Well you are god, so you start (when you are a man) by having so much sexual fun as you can. If you are a women and read this, believe me Freud had a point here.

Well that gets kind of boring at one point. Even if that’s your biggest dream, after endless years, you would like to have a change.

What’s next you think? So you become interested maybe in creating all kind of universes, a plethora of planets, stars in all sizes etc. You start creating animals. And then for a short time you will be fascinated with your creation, but after a while you get bored over and over again.

The repeated discovery of boredom will lead you to following conclusion: I will always be bored, because boredom is a product of knowing the outcome”.

“Well that is an interesting idea”, the almighty might say. And you start to wonder, what it would be to forget that you are god and actually be a creation of yourself. Due to that you get kind of this creepy, thrilling goosebumbs, where you like and dislike the idea simultaneously. So you will play a little bit with this mind-provoking thought and eventually you will decide to jump into the ice-cold water. But you know, that you have to design this experiment very carefully, so that you will actually forget yourself. The Hindu would say, you start playing Hide and Seek.

So how to do that? Again you are the Omnipotent and therefore your possibilities are without limitation. You generate a button with the imprinting “surprise”. This buttom will bring your mind (consciousness or whatever you wanna call it) into a body of a human beeing. And there you are, sitting here, reading (in my case writing) this “story”.