Disappointed Vacationing Neo-Victorians Demand Their Money Back, Teach Us A Thing Or Two
Ester Bloom

Bad behavior all-around.

  • Look lady; I don’t care that you want to channel your inner-Victorian (but without all the inconvenient filth, disease, poverty, malnutrition, etc.), you ARE in a costume, no matter how “decent”.
  • Yes, if the gardens don’t want people in costume to show up, they should say so on the website, or promptly issue a refund if asked.
  • What’s the deal on the tirade about hats? Okay, it was a weird request, (WGAF if the person you are talking to is wearing a hat?) but her response was totally out of proportion.

This couple could be charming if they weren’t so insufferable. (I still remember the passage from the earlier blog entry about how she felt wearing that heavy-ass outfit gave her ESP or something…) Of course, you could argue that being insufferable around perceived social inferiors is just staying in-character, but in that case, you shouldn’t be surprised if not everyone is so charmed.