I meant “plus” in the sense of “as well as” or “also,” not “in addition to.”
Nicole Dieker

But you can’t be stuck in a home you already own because of its imputed rent. You might get stuck if you want to no longer own a house and actual rents are too high. And imputed rent might make it more expensive for somebody else to buy your house, but that’s to the benefit of the homeowner and would actually help unstick them.

because the housing market is so high right now (pun intended, I guess) the cost of living in your own home is higher than it’s ever been, both in imputed and literal terms.

This illustrates my point; imputed rent isn’t a cost at all… that’s just about exactly backwards. If you were doing a financial income statement on “SirWired’s House, LLC”, imputed rent would be under the “income” column, not the “expenses” column.

Homeownership costs are determined by property prices, mortgage rates, tax rates, and other costs, like maintenance. Imputed rent can help you decide if those costs are worth buying a house, but it’s not a cost in and of itself.

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