Did you read the article or just want to mansplain your thoughts

Firstly, I have no idea where you got the idea that any response would be “mansplaining.” You are invalidating my words before I’ve even said them, and you appear to be doing so solely because I am a man. My initial post was 100% gender-neutral, except the part where I mentioned her partner was her husband. I would have said the exact same thing no matter the gender of the blogger. (And I would have said the exact same things if it was somebody talking about a similar “career”, with similar results, reviewing video games.)

And, yes, I read the article, including the bits where it referred to this as a “career”. And the bits where she’s spending 12–16 hours a week on this (plus the hours of her husband) to a net income that is likely to be significantly less than minimum wage.

That sounds like fun, and a hobby, but not a “career”, and barely qualifies as a “job”.