Why Does My Flight Not Want Me to Buy Wi-Fi?
Nicole Dieker

For me, in-flight internet has been so horrible, I simply don’t bother anymore. My Kindle Paperwhite and iPod Nano goes with me on every trip, and I always have more than enough stocked on it to keep me amused.

— — — — — —

And, on the “Tiny House” thing; the day I start paying attention to the alleged “Tiny House Movement” is the day I see one that actually has a “full kitchen” that you can actually use, vs. calling a hand-wash sink, a hot-plate, a compact microwave, and a dorm-size cube fridge, and about 2 cu-ft of cabinets a “full kitchen”. (I ain’t saying you can’t cook anything in such a space, just that to call it a “full kitchen” is a bit of a stretch.)

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