When Self-Care Is a Mask for Conspicuous Consumption
Megan Reynolds

I agree that it’s a big leap from: “It’s not healthy to continually deny present needs/wants/desires in the service of other priorities.” to “By the way, your needs/wants/desires should totally include buying a [thing that would cause you to shake your head if some casual acquaintance told you he/she was buying it.]”

(BTW, why, oh why, does anybody pay any attention whatsoever to Paltrow’s Wacky Thing of the Week Club any more? I would have thought after she suggested steam cleaning your [insert euphemism for vagina here], that that might have clued people in that she was possibly not the most [errr…. what’s a nice way to say “not insane”?] source of lifestyle advice. I used to think she was doing a self-parody to see how far she could take it before people clued in on the joke, but in a world where Donald Trump can get elected president, I don’t think that any more.)