How People Who Live In A Van Do Money
Megan Reynolds

I’m not sure what to think about a world in which “social media influencer” is an actual career. Let’s be honest; another name for it, as a job, is “paid shill”, or to be nicer about it, “celebrity endorser”.

I suppose it’s a modern version of being a professional celebrity. Ten years ago, we would have looked to, say, Paris Hilton, for aspirational living; I suppose this is a little more democratic.

Personally, I prefer my content and my ads to have a little more distance between them. (And it bears mentioning that despite FTC rules to the contrary, celebrities and influencers alike are notorious for not pointing out what’s what.)

(And I chuckle at the idea of espousing a minimalist lifestyle while making money via posts that sell stuff. The “HydroFlask” mentioned in the article is over twice as expensive as a generic vac-insulated water bottle.)