My 403(b) Account Automatically Rebalanced. Did It Do a Good Job?
Nicole Dieker

Just doing some casual Googling, those expense ratios look terrible. Yes, 1% is beyond horrible for index funds, but the ratios I was able to find for TIAA-CREF funds don’t look much better.

Google says that CREF STOCK R1 0.66% per annum. Vanguard will sell you the exact same thing (via the Total Stock Market Index Fund) for 0.05%. 61 basis points is no small potatoes.

Do a direct rollover into a Vanguard IRA and kiss that overpriced retirement plan goodbye! I’d suggest picking a Target Retirement Fund and being done with it; don’t bother futzing around with individual funds and trying to guess where they should be. Maybe TR funds won’t make the best possible guess, but it’s as good as any.

Just picking a TR fund at random, TR 2040 is going for 0.16% per year, which is way better than anything TIAA-CREF is offering you.