DIY or BUY: Apple Cinnamon Infused Bourbon

My “Go To” inexpensive bourbon is Evan Williams (with the Black Label, not the Green) It’s usually on the shelf next to the Jack Daniels, whose packaging they clearly attempt to copy (even though Jack isn’t a bourbon.) $23 for a “handle” (1/2 gal) here in NC, $13, for a fifth, IIRC, and I think we have pretty high liquor taxes.

And I think the Almighty Dollar Tree sells (or used to, anyway), gal jugs meant for Sun Tea; not fancy, but should get the job done, not leak, and be easy to dispense. Otherwise, I’d just buy a gallon of pickles from Wally World, eat the pickles, and re-use the jar after thorough washing; probably cheaper than just buying the jar alone. (As a side-note, in general, Dollar Tree is a spectacular source of party items, seasonal decor, vases, glasses, and wrapping/packing material. My wife goes there every year to get tins and other x-mas themed containers for her homemade peanut brittle, of which she makes about forty pounds a year.)

Lastly, now that you have an apple corer/wedger, you totally need to make Puffy Apple Pancake. It’s an x-mas tradition in my house. (Not much more often than that, as it generates a lot of dishes.)

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