The Cost of Getting Into Crystals
Audrey Ference

On all those that are calling out “shame”, or something similar…

I actually thought it was rather educational; not in the sense that I really have any desire to know the gory details of this particular obsession (really, I don’t find it much more implausible than some of the overpriced-looking beauty products frequently mentioned here), but more of as an object lesson that if you go down just about any particular rabbit hole, you can spend as little or as much as you like. (Heck, you should see some of the crazy stuff audiophiles come up with! $1,000 power cords, “Amplifier bricks” (literally what they sound like; “special” bricks to place on top of your amplifier), magic markers that, when used to coat the edges of your CD’s make them “sound better”, charging $40 ea. for used railroad signal insulators to lift your cables off the floor, etc.)

Getting obsessed with crystals isn’t really that different from getting obsessed with classic vinyl, fine wine, a particular long-defunct (for good reason) brand of car, or taking up beer can collecting. Each of those hobbies comes with a healthy dose of B.S. too. Think of all this crystal-stuff as geology with some mythology mixed in.

P.S. What exactly does Moonstone have to do with the moon other than the name and color? Does it lose its special properties if put in a box labeled “orthoclase/albite feldspar” or “hecatolite”?

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