Do 1 Thing at the FedEx Office
Nicole Dieker

On your question, I vote for “buy a printer/scanner”. They are just handy things to have around for innumerable tasks. If you don’t need to print color, maybe get a used b/w laser “multi-function printer” (meaning “with a scanner”) off of Craigslist? A laser won’t die due to neglect if you only use it every once in a while, while an inkjet will end up with clogged nozzles.

My primary printer is a Samsung laser I’ve had for over ten years, and last week was the first time it needed anything other than toner (it needed a new pickup roller, which was $4, five minutes, a needlenose plier and a YouTube video to replace.)

Will it save money to buy your own? Probably not. But it saves all sorts of time and hassle vs. having to head down the street to an office store every time you need something printed or scanned.

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