Brandless Wants to Sell Unbranded Groceries for $3
Nicole Dieker

So, this is pretty much an online version of Dollar Tree, only with higher prices?

I saw that “Brandless” thing a couple of days ago. It’s certainly true that there are some products with very substantial markups, and of those, name-brand beauty products are definitely “up there”. (But I’d like to see them beat the prices of, say, Suave.) Mail-ordering bags of tortilla chips or raisins or toilet bowl cleaner? Holy Shipping Costs Batman!

I fail to see how this is any different, in any way, than just buying the store brand of something at the grocery store, only these folks box it up and mail it to you.

IF you get most of your food and household supplies via Amazon AND there isn’t an Amazon Basics version of a particular item, maybe this might have some limited use. But if you ever leave your house to shop, I don’t really see the point.

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