My Cat Is Ruining My Credit
drew salisbury

Sorry to hear about the UTI. Just be glad you caught it early; our previous cat caught a nasty bladder infection that got bad enough she had to be admitted to the local vet school’s hospital for three days, and went through three antibiotics until they found one that worked.

Also, a few tips:

Shop around for the Rx food; online sources or pet stores with in-house clinics will often have it for less than what the vet wants. $120/mo seems high to me, and I’ve had more than one cat on Rx food, including one that currently lives on a venison-based food.

For ANY long-term Rx, don’t buy any but a small starter amount at the vet; instead ask the vet for a written prescription for the long-haul:

  • If it’s available OTC, buy it that way. (I once paid the vet 90 cents a piece for allergy pills that Amazon sold for six bucks for a bottle of 100.)
  • If it’s Rx-only, but it’s a medication normally given to humans, get a pet med discount card, available from several sources online, and get it at Walgreens or whatever. (With one of those cards, we were able to get IV fluids for $15/cs, where the vet wanted $8/bag (and there were 12 bags in a case.))
  • If it’s a pet-only med, there are a bazillion mail-order pet pharmacies that will sell it to you. I usually use Dr Fosters and Smith, but there are others.
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