How Do You Say “No” To Friends When They Try To Sell You Things?
Ester Bloom

The “essential oil” crap is especially aggravating! They are mis-using the term “essential oil”.

In common usage, the word “essential” of course means “really super-duper-important.” And the scam-peddlers trade on that usage.

But the term “essential oil” doesn’t mean that at all! It’s a perfumer’s term that means that the oil was derived from the “essence” of the plant. This is usually accomplished by sticking the plant in some sort of solvent, and it can be any volatile solvent, including some really nasty toxic stuff. You then fractionally distill the result to obtain the oil.

(There are other, less-terrible, methods, but since the yield is lower and the process more tedious, most oils are extracted with solvent.)

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