Interview CMO PP

Hello! Could you please tell us about your project?

Product Protocol is an open source protocol for crowdfunding campaigns based on the issuing of digital assets.

Why do you think that tokenization is the future? Didn’t the crypto hangover of 2018 disappoint all of us?

Global tokenization is the next logical step if digitalization, which we see being implemented in recent years. In many industries, not all of them, but many, the implementation of the blockchain technology will improve the performance of businesses and people. The price of cryptocurrencies has nothing to do with it.

Your project sound rather promising, but does it work in practice? Do you have any in-house developments?

We have a strong team of professionals with experience in the blockchain area. We will present the full-fledged version of our protocol as early as 2019, so everyone will be able to evaluate our vision for the blockchain technology development.

Could you please give a more detailed description of your revolutionary tokenomics model?

Our model provides simplicity and mutually beneficial relationships between asset manufacturers and and asset buyers. We aim to offer an intuitive and useful product to the market, which can be utilized right now, and not in the distant future. The manufacturer simply submits an application and the asset tokenization, giving it useful properties, organizing effective demand, providing better deals for the buyers — all of this is done by us. And this is just one of the many way of using tokenized assets. In any case, it’s important for to adhere to the win-win strategy.

Your model sound interesting enough, but why do you think it will work?

The reason it will work is that we don’t have the rose-tinted glasses, we see where the government and the market oppose tokenization and where we can act.

So I can tokenize my small business?

Any useful commodities, assets and asset ownership can be tokenized via the Product Protocol platform.

What about the competition? Many people are tokenizing assets right now.

This is true, but there is a difference between creating and issuing a token via the blockchain technology, and creating an ecosystem, where this tokenization will be beneficial not just on paper, but in real life.

What is your opinion on STO? Does your model allow for it?

STO is essentially a tokenized security, or, to put it simply, a token whose transfer within the blockchain system will lead to unavoidable legal consequences. It’s the same as a virtual wedding in an online game that would lead to a real world marriage. From the technological point of view it’s nothing new or special. The issue relates to the legal consequences, and in the future we see ourselves as a platform for these types of instruments.

Okay, got it. Do you plan to go global?

Since we plan to work with real people in the real world, we will have to have not only a virtual but also a real world presence. We plan to start working in Asia and to go global from there.

Why Asia?

The adoption of new things, especially modern technology-wise, happens there more quickly and organically in the Asian region than anywhere in the world. If we can take root there, we can do it anywhere — it’s only a matter of time.

Thank you!