The Conductor of the Supply Chain Orchestra - Control Towers!

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Key characteristics of a Control Tower

Use-cases addressed by Control Towers

Order journey in a Retail Company

A. For a Customer Services Manager:

  1. What is my OTIF (On-time In-full) and CFR projection for the upcoming month? (Addressed from data at delivery stage)
  2. How many open POs does the customer have for the next 4 weeks? (Addressed from data at order creation and order cleaning stage)

B. For a Logistics Manager:

  1. What is the project average idle time of trucks at warehouse H? (Addressed by data from carrier arrival stage)
  2. What is the outbound tonnage projection of product P from Country A? (Addressed by data from shipment creation stage)

C. For a Warehouse Manager:

  1. Do I have enough packaging material coverage for the next 4 weeks? (Addressed by data from tendering stage)
  2. Are too many trucks arriving at warehouse W for the next 4 weeks? (Addressed by data from slot booking stage)
Gartner Magic Quadrant for Control Towers

Key differentiators of a SC Control Tower

Way forward




SLP — Business Consultant at TCS | IIM Calcutta ’21 | IIT Patna ‘18

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Shreyas Patil

Shreyas Patil

SLP — Business Consultant at TCS | IIM Calcutta ’21 | IIT Patna ‘18

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