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  • Caching
  • Cleaner architecture (in terms of separation of concerns)
  • Re-usability of same module, in other applications

Module creation

Creating Coroutines/Flow empowered UseCases

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In this article we will see how to create different types of UseCases that will be used in our ViewModels.

What is a UseCase?

Creating ViewModels in an MVI architecture

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Now that we have created a base RecyclerView adapter in order to bootstrap lists, we need to see how we will fetch , transform and present the data of our screen.

Entering ViewModel

RecyclerView Adapter with ViewBinding

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Automatically cancel running builds on the same branch, when a new commit is pushed

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Cancelling a running build

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The problem

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An example of our testing pipeline

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Android GDE — Sr. Software Engineer (DevOps) @ Blueground — ex: Mobile Team Lead @ Workable

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